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When looking for inspiration at Jill Kirkham Textiles we often look to our soundings. Being fortunate enough to be based in a city as steeped in history and culture as Glasgow means we are never short of amazing influences. One of our favourite moments of inspiration came from the buildings many Glaswegians grew up in.

Glasgow stone tenements are as iconic and synonymous with Scotland’s largest city as the Duke of Wellington’s traffic cone and as familiar as the imposing presence of the Finnieston crane yet we take them for granted. We decided that we would like to celebrate these old stalwarts that form the foundation to the city.

The Victorian feel that permeates Glasgow owes much to the grey, beige and red sandstone tenemented streets that can be found right across the city. Mostly erected between mid-1800s and the early 1900s these majestic buildings have withstood the test of time far better than many other subsequent buildings and now make up some of the most sought after property in Scotland.

Tenements were and still are class-neutral ranging from the tiny, single room flat to enormous sprawling apartments. This has led to Glasgow having a more integrated community feeling than those cities whose wealthy had departed to detached houses in the suburbs. Just like good cushions the mix of style, colour and sizes of tenement fit comfortably with the many different backgrounds of Glasgow giving the city a warm and intimate quality.

Our tenements also have a heritage soaked in art and design and as the subject of many artist’s work it is not unusual to see these buildings featuring prominently in many an art store or living room. Glasgow’s best known architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born in a tenement in 1868 and his influence can be felt city wide even today. Chances are you or your parents grew up in one if you were fortunate enough to count Glasgow as your home city!

Jill Kirkham Textiles is very proud of our Glasgow range (see it here!), that not only draws on Glasgow’s Tenements but also on other well-known landmarks such as the Anniesland Gasworks and the Gallowgate Twins’ - a 1970s residential tower block in Glasgow's east end. All products are individually screen printed and produced in our Glasgow Design Studio.

Glasgow has a long tradition, and a worldwide reputation, for the style and elegance of its artists and designers, and here at Jill Kirkham Textiles we take great pride in carrying on that tradition with our range of Glasgow themed prints.

Alternatively, if you have a specific idea of what you’re looking for you can take advantage of our bespoke service and have Jill Kirkham create your own perfect piece. Express your creativity and have your own ideas professionally created.