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Whether you’re looking to bring together a newly decorated room or breathe fresh air into an older living space, a new lampshade can be the piece that elevates the whole room. As such they shouldn’t be considered as a simple 'finishing touch', they are core to setting the right mood and ambience to your home. The very foundations of a stylish and unique room rely on picking the right lampshade.

More often than not it is the one piece that dictates the tone and feel of a room so the perfect lampshade should complement the space but not overwhelm it, drawing the eye but not to the point where it drowns out the rest of the room. It should be like the perfect party guest, interesting and engaging but not too loud or distracting and just like the perfect party guest is should interact with and draw attention to other pieces in the room rather than hogging the limelight.

A great lampshade can transform the most pedestrian of bases into a thing of great beauty. It can also tell a story. Much like when picking your cushions, it's great to pick design or pattern than lets your personality shine through. At Jill Kirkham Textiles we believe that your living space should be unique to you, a place where you are equally comfortable relaxing or entertaining. If all the pieces that make the room come together and work in harmony it makes for a stylish living space.

The quality of these shades will serve you well for years to come. In a small room or corner, they give style and character. In a larger and even in a grander setting they have the substance to enhance and accompany all different trends and tastes.

Jill Kirkham Textiles has various unique and stylish lampshades for you to choose from. They range form the classic design such as 'Black and Beige Hoops'

to more grandiose designs such as the'Gold Iron Work' lampshade that is based on the cast iron roof of the Saracen fountain.

At Jill Kirkham we have a range of lampshades that will elevate and enhance any room including our unique and stylish Glasgow collection inspired by Scotland’s largest iconic city. All products are individually screen printed and produced in our Glasgow Design Studio. Glasgow has a long tradition, and a worldwide reputation, for the style and elegance of its artists and designers, and here at Jill Kirkham we take great pride in carrying on that tradition with our range of Glasgow themed prints.

Alternatively, if you have a specific idea of what you’re looking for you can take advantage of our bespoke service and have Jill Kirkham create your own perfect piece. Express your creativity and have your own ideas professionally created.