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The Importance of Great Cushions and how to pick them!

jill kirkham

Your choice of cushions say a lot more about you and your home than you might at first think. If a person’s eyes can be considered a window into their soul, then there is an argument that your cushions have the same insight when it comes to your living space.

At Jill Kirkham we believe choosing the correct cushions can really bring a room together, giving a living space personality and depth that would be otherwise lacking. On the opposite side of the scale, boring, bland and uninspiring cushions can drag an otherwise stylish room down to their level.

Unique and stylish cushions that complement the whole room are hard to come by so when picking new ones there are a few important rules and useful tips to remember:

  • Your cushions should reflect your personality and who you are! Use them to tell a story about yourself and the space they inhabit. Prints inspired by the local landscape and iconic landmarks are fantastic for this.
  • Don’t be afraid to be bold. Cushions with different patterns in the same room can make a great statement about your living space.
  • It sounds counter-intuitive but using an odd number of pillows can really work. An odd number can give you a more stylish and contemporary finish to your living space. When arranging your cushions think of them as a family, diversity is good but make sure they all work in harmony.
  • Under no circumstances should your cushions blend into your sofa… Nothing whispers bland more than your cushions matching and getting lost in their background.
  • Size matters! A small cushion will look lost on a large sofa unless you surround it with other cushions, while over-sized cushions can suffocate a small sofa. The larger the cushion the more casual and comfy the feel of the room will be, while smaller cushions give a more stylised finish to a room.
  • Cushions should be practical as well as stylish so if you have to remove some just to sit down you’ve probably got too many!
  • Think of the bigger picture. The cushions should represent and tie in with the rest of the room in some way that compliments the whole. That doesn’t mean everything has to match, but if it relates in some way, whether that be style or palette all the better.

So there you go! Choose well and your cushions can make a great statement about you and your home, to that end we hope our advice helps you decide on that perfect purchase.

At Jill Kirkham we have a range of cushions that will elevate and enhance any room including our unique and stylish Glasgow collection inspired by Scotland’s largest iconic city. All products are individually screen printed and produced in our Glasgow Design Studio. Glasgow has a long tradition, and a worldwide reputation, for the style and elegance of its artists and designers, and here at Jill Kirkham we take great pride in carrying on that tradition with our range of Glasgow themed prints.

Alternatively, if you have a specific idea of what you’re looking for you can take advantage of our bespoke service and have Jill Kirkham create your own perfect piece. Express your creativity and have your own ideas professionally created.